What I do & How I do it...

Firstly thank you for taking an interest in me and my business. It’s awesome that I get to do something that I love for a living and when others take an interest in that it means the world to me and it also means that it’s not just me and my cameras sat around at home watching daytime TV!

The way I often describe myself to people is that I take my job seriously but I’m not a serious person, my children may quibble on that last point but unless you’re being thoroughly unruly then you won’t hear my mum voice. I like to make the time you spend with me be it photographing your wedding, your beautiful newborn or family or social media content (and so on) relaxed and fun. This doesn’t mean that I don’t allow time for the emotion and love to come through but it doesn’t have to be stuffy and it definitely 100% does not and will not be cheesy or cringe!

I try to treat everyone I meet with kindness and warmth and if they have an ounce of humour then we’re going to get on. I work my butt off for you when you book me and always try to manage my clients expectations so that we’re all on the same page before the photos come back. I promise that I will never make you lean on a car with your hands in your pockets. I promise you that I will never, ever, make your photos black and white and then make your flowers red!!! I promise that I won’t shout at guests in an obnoxious manor. I promise your precious littles will get to be children in the photos I take and not forced into a Chandler Bing Friends moment studio shoot where they suddenly feel very edgy!

My Story


After graduating from the Arts Institute Bournemouth with a BA Hons degree in Photography I went on to work for Insanity; a media talent management agency based in central London. There I was promoted to Creative Director managing photographers, stylists and make-up artists as well as managing production for photo shoots for leading publications, PR clients and celebrity commissions. Although I LOVED working in this industry I also loved the idea of starting a family so that’s what I did. Turns out though that babies need a lot of your time, who knew! After the fog had cleared after 18 months of little sleep but lots of cuddles I started to consider my working options which as a woman (sorry guys just a tiny bit of feminism) is bloody tricky! However some lovely friends of mine asked me if I still did photography and said you know what I do! With that wedding under my belt I then got 4 more, and so it continued until I am where I am today 6 years on and close to 100 weddings under my belt (or I should probably say bumbag as I do wear one for weddings, the convenience is dreamy!). I’ve had so much lovely feedback which you can read HERE and I feel blown away each and every time kind words are said about me and my business because I put my heart and soul into what I do and to know this comes across is the best feeling.

So you’d know if we get on