Some lovely, talented people

In my role as wedding photographer I'm so lucky that I get to work with so many other fabulous suppliers and if I don't get to physically meet them I get to know them through their work that I photograph.

Within our world reputation and community is everything. Most of us are independent in our businesses and that usually means that we predominantly work alone so it's always so great to find people that you love to support and who support you in return. Not because I slip them a £50 note every time they recommend me but because we share appreciation for one another's talents and why wouldn't you want to support a fellow talented individual/ company. 

So in todays post here are some of these talented people/ places. Let's celebrate and support one another so pop on over to their sites and build these brands up! Hurrah! More will follow in next weeks post!


Rosy Lea - aka Jody is a super talented florist based in Wiltshire. I have had the pleasure of photographing her beautiful creations for some time and only over the past few months have we had a chance to connect because we usually pass in fleeting moments on a busy wedding day. I wanted to champion Jody because (aside from having an awesome name) time after time she produces incredible floral work for her couples that is so stunning to look at and even more exciting to photograph. She's great on the gram so head on over to her page and check her out.

Make-up Artists

I couldn't choose just one here as I've worked with a number of amazing make-up artists all brilliant in their own style. These are 3 amazing women that I have worked with professionally over the years and each time their work is exceptional, no orange faces and white necks round these parts when these ladies are in control my friends! 2 of them have even made up my face and if they can make this tired eyed mumma look alive then a bride on her wedding day is a cinch!

Katy Pheiffer - Make up artist

Katy's bridal make-up always looks the epitome of beautiful, chic, movie star award show glamour. I always get excited when I walk into the preparation morning and I see Katy's branded make-up chair and someone sat there about to have a beautiful experience. Always so professional and on point, I think yes the girls are going to look insane today!