HOORAY! Welcome to www.jodysuttonphotography.com

Welcome to my website www.jodysuttonphotography.com & here to my blog 'hello'! 

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I'm so excited to be sharing my work with you at last and am even more excited that you have chosen to come on here and take a look! I hope we get to meet one day because you have chosen me to photograph your wedding or your beautiful baby or an equally lovely family event! I love photography and hope to share my passion with you. 

On this blog I plan to share my work and the influences in my life from simple things such as daily happening and inspiring images as well as links to other bloggers, suppliers, events and general awesomeness within my world.

Please keep an eye on this blog as I will be announcing limited time offers and links to other suppliers for discounts and deals, just call me del boy ;-)